Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This Old House...

* Note: this post was inspired by the comments posted by Jules on the subject of Colby Kids (WE ROCK!) and the old house at 7:18 am on Monday, January 16, 2006.

So here is the old place... my childhood home. We lived there from the time I was 2 years old until I was 8. Except, when I lived there it was a run-of-the-mill grey with HUGE rhodedendron and lilac bushes right in between the two front windows, and a hedge along the driveway. Can you picture it? Difficult to do, I realise, what with the rather distracting fact that it is now DAY-GLO-PURPLE... hahahahahahah! (I know it looks blue, but it really is purple... bright bright purple... Jules is right, we DO need shades...) Colby Drive is turning into Jelly Bean Row!!! (please note that three doors down is Jules' old place, which is still pink...)

Meagan and I took this shot when we were back in the neighbourhood in June. We had to drive by twice to be sure that, yes indeed, this really WAS 199 Colby Drive... then we stood there on the sidewalk, snapped a few shots, and just stared... until we realised that we probably looked pretty suspicious standing there with cameras, beside a car with out-of-town plates. So we mosied on to visit other haunts, and to marvel at how small the whole neighbourhood seemed now that we were viewing it through adult eyes.

You know how, when you've just had one of THOSE days, you sometimes wish you could be back in kindergarten? The time when life was so simple and uncomplicated that any crisis was instantaneously averted by a word or two from Mom and Dad? And kisses could ACTUALLY cure pain? Yeah- that's Colby. In my head, Colby Drive is a place of innocent discovery... it is childhood. So I'm really glad that the house has changed so much- leaves the old 199 Colby Drive unsullied in my mind. Plus the new owners have built a really nice front porch and added a trellis to the deck that my Dad built when I was seven. I wonder if the old maple is still good for climbing?? And do the cherries from the tree out back still make the BEST cherry pie in the universe? I'm sure they do. And always will.
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At 11:01 PM, Blogger shannon said...

i always feel scared for you when i see your display picture because from my point of view, you are covered in bees.

i only had the bright idea to actually click on it today to make sure that you were in fact safe from the bees. phew!

At 4:30 AM, Blogger jenn said...

I thank you for your concern. Fortunately, the pic is a bee-free zone... it is just me being a total and complete goofball with the help of my favorite new scarf! Hehehehee


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