Monday, August 11, 2008

New Friends

I made a new friend this morning. He's short, hairy, very friendly, has a drooling problem, and is incredibly fond of golf balls.

A largish puppy accosted me on my street as I walked to the bus stop this morning. He was very friendly, and as soon as he determined that I did not have any treats for him, he decided to let me lead him to the treats, and thus followed me all the way to the bus. In that time, I determined that he knows how to sit, but not to stay; that he is well loved, but has no tags; and that he does not have much sense of traffic (he dashed through traffic on one VERY busy street, and ran out in front of at least one truck, much to my horror.)

Unfortunately, the bus driver would not let him come to work with me, but he was good natured about it.

If he is waiting for me when I get home, I'll consider bringing him home for dinner ;)


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