Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Jenn: Inadvertently repairing photocopiers since late 2006.

It's Monday. That should have been my first clue. AND I awoke with a headache. AND my wrist was (and is) f*#^ing killing me.


I've been trying to improve my attitude of late, and this therefore means that I am no longer permitted to write the day off as a loss before noon. So I have been stubbornly looking on the bright side of life all day. For example:

It's Monday morning: I don't have to teach tonight, and there is a pumpkin just waiting to become a jack-o-lantern in eight to ten hours!

I awoke with a headache: probably lack of caffeine. Better have that fabled second cup of coffee this morning.

My wrist hurts like h*$$ and has developed a strange bump: perhaps it's carpal tunnel syndrome and I can get a medical leave from work due to my inability to type.

My 10am meeting neglected to show up: Whew. Another hour in which I can work at clearing this stinkin' 'TO DO' list.

The milk I keep for my tea is found to have gone sour: Ah well, I've always wondered if I would like my tea black...

My 10am meeting shows up at 11am: I didn't really want to work on that 'TO DO' list anyway...

The wrap I purchased for lunch is soggy and quite gross: Meh, I didn't really need the preservatives and calories anyway.

Our photocopier has been embellishing each and every sheet of paper with a nice clean stripe approximately three inches down from the top of the sheet: The stripe is just below the letterhead... it looks like I did it on purpose.

I somehow manage to end up with 44 copies of the letter I needed only 4 copies of and in the process jam the copier beyond all recognition: In the process of disasembling the copier to extract the six-hundred-and-forty-two segments of ripped paper stuck in its various cogs and rollers, getting myself coated in a fine layer of toner, cutting one finger, and re-setting various paper sizes (accidentally), I also managed to somehow banish the hideous and unwanted stripe.

Hm. See how good I'm getting at this whole sunshine thing?


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

20 points to the person who knows the answer.

Something very strange has just occurred and I am in need of explanations...

I was making myself a cup of tea this evening 'cause it's cold and rainy out, and tea is just the beverage for such a night. As I added the milk, my mug began to whistle at me. A very strange, high-pitched, whiny whistle. I feared for the safety of my mug (was the tea too hot? Was my mug about to crack? Even though I first tempered it with hot tap water?) so I quickly transferred the whistling drink to another mug. As I was pouring the tea into the new mug, the whistling increased in pitch steadily, until it ceased altogether. Hm.

Upon examination of the whistling mug, I found no cracks of any kind... nothing out of the ordinary at all... nothing different from the last time I drank tea (quiet tea) from it. So, as an experiment, I transferred the tea back to the whistling mug, where it promptly began to serenade me again. Puzzled and cold, I transferred the tea back to the quiet mug, and went about my business.

But it's still bugging me...

Does anyone have any ideas as to the source of the whistling? Help put a sorely anal retentive mind at ease. Please.


Monday, October 23, 2006

this one's for T.

My parents recently treated themselves to a
well- deserved holiday. In Paris. For 10 days. Please note that my skin has taken on a green tinge- the tinge of the green-eyed monster- that has only recently started to fade. But I digress. The trip was taken in celebration of 30 years of marriage. Sort of a second honeymoon, I suppose. And of course, being the fantabulously thoughtful parents that they are, they made sure that my sister and I were supplied with a Parisian fashion fix to help get us over the pain of being left here in the anti-fashion capital of the world whilst they went off to enjoy the City of Lights.

And they done good.


The cow-hide bag, which is that perfectly rich hue of red and feels like butter;

The pashmina and silk pashmina that is warm, but not too warm, and makes me feel soooo cosmopolitan;

Also, here are my new boots. My love for them is pure.

Finally, and this is in no way related to the fashion-lover in me, here is my latest knitting project, which is ~2/3 complete. Rudimentary, I know, but they should get the job done. What do ya'll think?

They're meant to keep my hands warm at the office, which is notoriously chilly in the winter...

My Dad has taken to calling me Bob Cratchet whenever he sees them. Hee.

And yes, Therese, I will be starting work on the shawl soon. I'll keep you up to date!

And yes, I am aware that vegans everywhere are likely taking contracts out on my animal-product loving life. Bring it. I'm ready.

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Monday, October 16, 2006


I've been sick for the last week. Yuck.

I might be starting to feel better... but then again, I thought that on Wednesday, and again on Saturday... we'll see.

Ah well. At least it was a valid excuse not to go to work. ;)


Friday, October 06, 2006

ho hum

It's Friday! Yipppeeeee!

This is good. I have been schemeing about this day allllll the live-long week;

Very difficult decisions have to be made;

For instance:

- When it is finally time for me to drag my ass home for three full days of freedom from this hell-hole masquerading as an office, do I stop for the traditional Friday-at-5 beer, or do I just burn rubber to get away from here as quickly as possible??

- When I arrive home, do I slip into the flannel or the cotton pjs?

- What do I pour myself to drink? (and this is a tough one) A nice hot cup of Earl Grey, or the largest glass of red wine ever consumed? Or both?

- Finally, do I agonize over which movie to watch so I can knit whilst watching, or do I read my book, which precludes knitting... (now wishing I'd taken a page out of Aunt Nan's book and got the damned book on tape...)

VERY exciting stuff, I know. But it's been a week- well ok, a month- from hell, and it's the long weekend, so a girl's entitled to embrace her inner octogenarian, and hole-up on a Friday night, isn't she? All those in favour, say aye!

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Lisa and Mitch got married.

We all survived.

And actually had a pretty darn good time in the process (even if we did nearly freeze to death under a waterfall...)

I made a speech...

We ate some cake...

I caught the bouquet (hehehehee)...

And then we partied it up!

Congrats to the Happy Couple!!