Friday, September 22, 2006

cause for solitary exhalation

You walk into the bathroom, and nod as you pass one of your coworkers, who is busily scrubbing out her coffee mug at the sink.

You lock yourself in one of the stalls and go about your business.

Just as you begin to contemplate the meaning of life, your coworker finishes with her scrubbing.

And turns the light off as she leaves.




At 6:27 AM, Blogger Thérèse said...


At 10:11 AM, Blogger jenn said...

Obviously such a thing has never happened to you ;)

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Jay said...

Oh man, I am totally having not good flashbacks right now.

At 2:32 PM, Blogger Mycaelus said...

I find that I contemplate better in the dark. Not so sure about the "business" part though. May have trouble with that without the lights on.

At 7:33 AM, Blogger Thérèse said...

I have!

Still makes me laugh.


At 7:41 AM, Blogger jenn said...

Jay- Really? Do I hear a soin-tingling tale of a dark bathroom in there?

Mycaelus- Yeah... me too... although I gotta say, I prefer to have the choice as to when the lights go out.

Therese- I suppose. In hindsight. Kind of funny... ok, really funny. In that "Oi" sort of way ;)

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HaHaHa!! That's funny Jenn.

Reminds me of when I on my class trip to Europe in 1996 when I was in a European Hotel and the "key" which was a card controlled the lights in the room INCLUDING THE BATHROOM and I was THISCLOSE to putting shampoo in my hair when a gal we were with PULLED the card and the room went dark. I was so mad!!

HAHAHAHAHA So I can sorta sympathize. I had to "do my business" this summer in the dark be/c we had one small light on in our washrooms at DND when the temperatures reached 48 Degrees Celcius this summer. Conserve energy!

~ Cheers.


At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Doc Moxie said...

this once happened to me when i was taking a shower.

as in, naked and wet, in a pitch black yet open to the public dorm bathroom.

sigh, nothing.


and of course, she did not.


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